Transportation Services To and From School

There is no safer way to transport students to school than on a school bus and Brad & Kim Dalrymple, Inc. takes this responsibility seriously.  School buses are required to meet more Federal safety standards than any other type of motor vehicle including compartmentalization and overhead flashing lights and a stop arm for halting traffic during loading and unloading students.  School buses have a greater weight and elevated passenger deck that results in lower crash accelerations and impact loads to the occupant compartment, are painted a conspicuous yellow color and generally operate at low-speed stop and go travel with well-trained drivers.  Additionally, all New Jersey school buses are required to have a seatbelt for every passenger and all passengers are required by law to use a seatbelt.

Brad & Kim Dalrymple, Inc. invests significant resources in employee recruitment and training as good employees can be difficult to find and retain. We require all employees to meet rigorous selection criteria, which includes drug and alcohol testing, background checks and an extensive interview process.


Field Trip & Class Trip Transportation

A field trip or class trip is a visit to an area outside of the normal classroom where students can try new things, have different experiences, and learn valuable life lessons. These trips can be to countless locations where students can see new sights and have hands-on opportunities in a wide variety of experiences. A trip may be to a location right around the corner or may require a bus ride to a different city.